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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Call for Submissions: MicroHorror

MicroHorror.com, one of my favorite websites providing short horror stories (666 words below), has announced its annual short story competition.

According to the website, they had decided that this year’s theme is "SPACE–not outer space, but the space between things. Consider the absences in the world, the lacunae, the gaps. Perhaps terror lurks in a surprisingly small space, or a space that turns out not to be the size you thought it was. Claustrophobia and agoraphobia are both common fears, after all. But space is defined by its borders, and is therefore finite, so we’re enforcing a limit of 500 words for your stories."

The complete rules are listed here. Take note that this contest is open to everyone around the world, and the winners will receive special prizes that are yet to be announced. There's no harm in trying, so better start whacking those brain muscles and write a short horror story not exceeding 500 words. The theme of space is a bit broad, but our creativity won't stop us from thinking of something, right?


my-so-called-Quest said...

you'll join this? naks! galingan mo :P

Will said...

Yes. (para namang mananalo ako, lol) :p

Deej said...

GO GO Will! Try ko ding mag-come up ng scary story.

If you want some inspirations, better visit CreepyPasta. He has the best scary stories ever!


Will said...

Let's do it, Deej! Hope may mga Filipino na mananalo!

Thanks for the site. Really cool! :D

DeejSpeaks said...

I hope so Will. Galingan na lang naten. hehe

khantotantra said...

parang gusto kong sumali kaso mukang englisan ang labanan. :p

glentot said...

I wanna join too, tutal 1000 words lang naman...

ahmer said...

woooh gusto ko din sumali hehe

Will said...

khantotantra: Okay lang yan, konting Englisan lang naman yan e. Hehe

glentot: actually 500 words lang naman. sali na!

ahmer: go go go go! sali tayo bago mag deadline.

Pong said...

hmmmm made me think that space is finite, infinite finite, cool!

galingan mo sir! i'm not really into horror, di ko masyado type ang genre na yun hehehehe

be blessed sir, thanks sa pagdrop sa blog ko i'll add you po sa link ko

God bless

Will said...

Thanks for dropping by, Pong :)

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