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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Year Giveaway: Sali Na!


A huge thanks to those who joined my birthday giveaway last November! Here I am once again with another contest to celebrate Christmas and New Year, and also my 100th follower and 10,000th page view. I am giving away not one, not two, but three prizes to three lucky bloggers!

Here are the prizes.

1. For the bookworms, a hardbound copy of Stephen King's Just After Sunset (2008). More info about the book found here.

2. For those who want their movies served with blood, an original DVD of my favorite zombie film ever, Shaun of the Dead (2004). Watch the trailer here.

3. For the Classic Film buffs, original VCDs of A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) and Romeo and Juliet (1968). Two prizes in one! Trailers here and here.

To join the giveaway, simply comment on this post saying which prize you want, Prize 1, 2 or 3. 

Same rules apply: 

1. You must be an active blogger living in the Philippines. Doesn’t matter if you’re on Blogger, Wordpress, Tabulas, Livejournal, or even Tumblr, as long as the blogosphere is fully aware of your existence. 

2. Your blog must be active for more than a month. 

3. Your comment must come with your username, your blog URL, and an email address (to contact you if you win). Tip: To avoid getting spammed, write your email address this way: username(AT)email(DOT)com.

4. You can only pick one of the three prizes available. No cheating, please. It's Christmas.  Have a conscience.

5. If a prize is picked by a lone blogger, then that blogger automatically gets the prize after the giveaway's deadline, which is on December 31, 2010, 11:59 PM.

6. Winners will be picked via Random.org on January 1, 2010. They will be given 48 hours to answer my email. If a winner fails to respond, then his or her prize will be given to another blogger.

That's it. I want to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Merry New year, and to thank those who've been supporting my blog since day one. Good luck to those who will join this giveaway!


Adrian Mendizabal said...

Price number 3. I would love to add them to my collection.

username: adrian.lessegers

BLOG URL: http://adrianmendizabal.blogspot.com

email address: adrian.lessegers@gmail.com

drei said...



Kiko Matsing at ang kanyang Monkey said...

Prize # 2 (it's my best zombie movie ever, too)

User Name: Kiko Matsing at ang Kanyang Monkey
Blog URL: http://www.tagailogspecial.com/
Email address: mapangaruy@yahoo.com

blurredlights said...

Prize #2

User Name: blurredlights / Taking a Break
Blog URL: http://blurredlights.wordpress.com
E-mail address: blurredlights(at)gmail.com

khantotantra said...

Prize #2

Username: Khanto
blog URL: http://khantotantra.blogspot.com
email: legostarfish2@gmail.com

Nielz said...

Ang yaman!! Nagpapa-contest na!
Prize# 1 ako.
Username: Nielz
blog URL: http://nielz01.blogspot.com
e-mail: nielz01@yahoo.com

KikomaxXx said...

sali ulit ako chong....


blog Url: http://blackinkkiko.blogspot.com

Nimmy said...

eeeeeeee. first time sumali! sana manalo! hehehe


UN: Nimmy
Link: http://baklangcockroach.blogspot.com
Email Address: iamcockroachboy(at)yahoo(dot)com

rollie said...

Sana manalo naman ako kahit ngayon lang!!!!

Prize # 1

Username: Rollie
Blog URL: http://rollzheick.blogspot.com
E-add: roll_zheick(AT)yahoo(DOT)com(DOT)ph

Adrian Mendizabal said...

LOL! ako lang ang PRIZE 3! wooohhh!

my-so-called-Quest said...

try ko to.

Prize# 3
Username: my-so-called-Quest/Doc Ced
blog URL: msc-quest.blogspot.com
e-mail: princeced18@yahoo.com

goodluck sa atin! hehe

Nowitzki Tramonto said...

ako din sali!

Prize #1 :)
username: Nowitzki Tramonto
blog URL: mangelnoah07.blogspot.com
e-mail: pikaboo_noah07(AT)yahoo(DOT)com(DOT)ph

Jinjiruks said...

Prize 1 po
stephen king fan
sana mabunot ako
hahalikan kita pag
nanalo ako haha

username: Jinjiruks Ikari
blog: jinjiruks.blogspot.com
email: jinjiruks.ikari@gmail.com

empi said...

Prize # 1, pandagdag sa mga libro ko. :)

Username: Empi

Url: http://marcopaolo24.blogspot.com/

email: marcopaolo24@gmail.com

Maligayang pasko! :)

DeejSpeaks said...

I prefer prize# 1. This is my first time to join your contest Will! :)

Username: DeejSpeaks

URL: www.deejspeaks.com

Email: darreljesterecdao(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

Aaron Vincent said...


imaaronvincent | Guy Gone Geek
imaaronvincent AT gmail DOT com

Smarla said...

Yaaaay! :D

3 please :)


merry christmas will! :D

T.R.Aurelius said...

1 please


renz bacani ginez said...

been waiting for this giveaway..
I LIKE NUMBER 1 KUYA.. PLEASE HAND ME THE BOOK.. hehe.. I'd owe you more than a million if you're going to give me the book.. can't buy one myself eh..haha..

renzginez(AT)ymail(DOT)com here..

Carlo said...

wilfredo, yung number 1.

username: Carlo
url: carlowonderland.blogspot.com
email: carlodlopez1986@yahoo.com

panaluhin mo ako will ha! haha!

Kyle Cee said...

Prize# 2 sakin.hehehe
Username: Kyle Cee
URL: http://entrytomyworld.blogspot.com
e-mail: kylecee.1426(at)gmail(dot)com

Ivan Bookworm said...

Prize #2 :)

Username: Ivan Bookworm
URL: ivanbookworm.blogspot.com
e-mail: ivanbookworm[at]gmail[dot]com


CPG said...

prize #2
great reviews!
username: CPG
URL: joel-daulo.blogspot.com
email: jeegie312@gmail.com

tricia said...

#1 :)
User Name:triciagervacio
Blog URL: http://www.isaw08.wordpress.com/
Email: triciagervacio [at] gmail [dot] com

claudiopoi said...



username: claudiopoi
blog URL: http://claudiopoi.blogspot.com
email: acogregorio[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]ph

aasahan kong mananalo ako! hahaha :p

Fidel Antonio Medel said...

Wowow, I want PRIZE #2.

Username: Fidel Antonio Medel
Blog URL: www.pixelatedpopcorn.blogspot.com
Email: fa_medel@yahoo.com.ph

hArTLeSsChiq said...

number 1 number 1! :)

Blog URL: http://itsmadzday2day.blogspot.com
Email: hartlesschiq@yahoo.com

Oreo said...

huwaw! contest! contest! hehe

NO. 1!

username: arjee
blog url: http://arjeetopia.blogspot.com
email: arjeetopia07@gmail.com

Desoleboy said...

i want prize number 1. pls. pls. pls. plsssss.

username: desoleboy
blog url: http://www.desoleboy.blogspot.com
e-mail: desoleboy@yahoo.com

Kwesi Ian Jay Junsan said...

Hi Will, I like prizes 1 and 2! Wow! Deciding. I'm going to pick number 1 since I want to read more Stephen King's book next year.

Username: kwesifriends
Blog url: http://oldfashionedreader.blogspot.com/
e-mail: kwesi4ever@gmail.com

Will I just created a new blog and I don't think that I pass rule number 2.

Kwesi Ian Jay Junsan said...

please delete this post.

Will said...

that's okay, I know about your old blog naman.

Kwesi Ian Jay Junsan said...

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Jepoi said...

Wow! I should do this too... Today's the 1st anniversary of my blog! Makagawa nga ng Gimik. ^^

Will said...

Wow! Happy anniv to your blog. Thanks for droppin by. :D

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