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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5 Types of People You Do Not Want to Meet in a Bookstore

Who doesn’t love bookstores? Whenever I go to a mall, I enter at least one more often than not. Kahit na walang bibilhin. I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves entering these stores, getting surrounded by books, looking for random titles to be added to your to-read list.

Of course, not all that occurs inside is pleasant. There are some people who tend to make your window shopping experience crash down the mud, forcing you to lose your cool and run out of the store as fast as possible. This isn’t some rant, mind you, and I know perfectly well that people aren’t perfect. Join the fun in enumerating some of the obnoxious types of people you have most likely encountered in a bookstore, starting with…

People who find it alright to stand in front of a specific part of the shelf with their feet rooted to the floor. Playing patintero with these people can be difficult. Once while exploring National Bookstore I encountered a girl in front of the section of books I planned to browse. I showed her enough hints that I wanted her to move because she was blocking the way, yet a statue like her can only do so much but to continue standing there while reading a book. I crouched down to get a better look at the portion of the shelf she was blocking and guess what? Her eyes gave me a cold stare before travelling towards her legs. Akala niya sinisilipan ko siya? Just move out of the way, lady, and your legs will be safe from our eyes.

People in bookstores who seem to think that others around them have no ears to hear what they are saying. They’re the ones who believe it perfectly okay to tell a book’s ending to their friends while broadcasting it up to three aisles beyond. Happened to me in the same bookstore almost a decade ago. Dan Brown was still getting the controversy he deserved that time. I hadn’t read the The Da Vinci Code yet, so I picked one up from the shelf. A couple of girls were nearby talking to each other. As I passed them, one girl looked at the book I was holding and asked her friend, “Maganda ba yung Da Vinci Code?” The other girl, who probably thought I had a strong case of earwax, answered, without hesitation, “Oo, pero nahulaan ko na sa simula pa lang na traydor yung teacher.”

Thank you so much, random girl. Helpful piece of information.

I’m being liberal when I say children shouldn’t be allowed in churches or restaurants. The same goes for bookstores, unless, of course, there's a kiddie section where they can play. Leave a couple of three-year-olds running around, treating the entire place like a playground and congratulations, proud parent, for having them under control. In a bookstore in Paranaque, I encountered a boy, about five, treating the aisles like a track and field stadium. Pretty soon he managed to topple a huge pyramid of Rick Riordan books. Aware of what he had done, he started doing the usual puppy dog stare kids with offenses usually do. The manager of the bookstore rushed to fix the mess while muttering, “Naku, nalaglag. Hala.” Soon the mother of the young boy was shouting at the manager for scaring the kid and for placing the pyramid of books at that specific location. Manager was apologetic. Mother was angry. Quite a turnaround, if you ask me.

Mababaw lang to, pero these are people who take a book from the shelf, look at it for a few seconds, and then place it somewhere else. One of my pet peeves include seeing books that are placed horizontally atop other books when there are still spaces for them to be wedged vertically. Wala lang.

Nothing’s wrong with this type of bookstore customers—as long as no one gets bothered by their forgetfulness. Case in point: I was lining up at the cashier of National Bookstore (oo na, Laking National ako). The line was considerably long as the other cash registers were closed. I was quite near the cashier. An old man stood before me. In front of him were a mother and her young daughter. When it was the mother’s turn to pay for her items, she casually told her daughter to run back to the aisles to get something she had forgotten to take. Her daughter did, baby steps and all. The line remained frozen. We stood there waiting. Having scanned the woman’s initial items, the cashier was incapable of letting other customers cut the line.

The daughter returned a minute later carrying, guess what, a pencil. The old man before me whispered, “Sus ginoo.”

* * * *

Again, don't take this post too seriously. Huwag dibdibin. I'm not one of those bloggers from Get Real Philippines.

Now it's your turn to share your experiences with other people in bookstores. What happened and how did you deal with them? Shout out in the comments section below.


Skron said...

I'm guilty as a statue. I often read the first chapters and get lost.

eon said...

i like bookstores that are quiet, without much human traffic, with maybe faint classical music massaging the ears. i like bookstores with plush carpeting, and books out of their wrappers, and salespeople who know their books. i like bookstores where people actually read, sitting in corners, trying to be inconspicious as possible. i don't like being around know-it-alls or gossipy people, those whose noisy conversations a sacrilege to the bookstore.

Boris said...

Wow! Number 3 is a true story? At least man lang iniexplain ng maigi nung manager.

Non-putbackers. Ganyan din ako sa ibang tao rito sa library. Kawawa tuloy yung mga staff.

quin said...

pag walang wala na akong magawa sa mall the least na mapuntahan ko eh ang bookstore hehehe bihira lang talaga akong nakakakita ng lalaki na nagbabasa sa mga bookstore bakit kaya ganon?

-mark- said...

tahimik lang ako sa bookstore.bow.hehe true lahat. buti nalang di mo sinama yung nagbubuukas ng nakapack pa na book,wahaha maguguilty ako,gawain ko sa powerbooks yun para mabasa ang simula.wahaha

Leomer Apolonio said...

People who are texting in front of a section, acting like a statue. I think they enjoy bookstores as an EB place. I'm guilty of that though, coz I met Nimmy in National Bookstore. Haha.

khantotantra said...

nakakainis yung mga ayaw umusog kahit alam nilang nakahambalang sila. hahaha

T.R.Aurelius said...

ako, everything you've mentioned except for kids, di pa naman ako nakakaencounter ng bata sa bookstore, hehe pero among all four, I hate non-put backers,

parang walang pake sa libro eh,

ako pa naman etong OC, ayokong nasisira yung gilid ng book lalo kapag walang cover haha

factisnotruth said...

I am a "Children".

cherie ann said...

^^ haha i love the first one scenario and the last one...
sus ginoo mao ra diay to?kadugay ba nibalik... oh yeah...is the man speaks bisaya?
if i were on the last scenario,either i talk to the mother or just walk out...well,that cant be help to people like me...but surely i;ll do the first one...hehehe knowing US people,really have attitudes sometimes,but im not a non-considerable person like that...^^ hehe sana di na siya bumalik para makonsensiya naman siya a bit...^^
by the way thank you for dropping some comments...thank you!

Ile Odarod said...

may idadagdag ako. nakakainis din ung mga tao minsan na nagtatago ng libro.

Ung tipong kapag isang copy nlng naiwan, and they still dont have the money for it or something, tinatago nila para isipin ng iba out of stock na.

guilty rin ako nito. hehhe

gord said...

galing lang ako sa National kahapon, na-encounter ko si 1 and 4. Sama mo pa yung pinupunit yung page sa book 'pag may gusto sila.

guilty din ako sa 1. haha.

Robbie said...

Yung sa #1, maybe your should try asking them to move a little? Hehehe.

Yung mga bata dapat talaga pinapatay eh. Wahaha. Joke. Slight.

tndcallphilippines said...

i cant think of any other... i think you've covered all bases...:D

flutterhappy said...

Number four is trivial but I find it also a bit annoying. ;)

Suyen said...

I like that I have experienced all of them. It means I've been in bookstores a lot and long enough.

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