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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Dream I Had (brought to you by KFC)

I had this dream two weeks ago. Been a long time since I last had one that caused me to wake up with my heart pounding so strongly.

It starts with me in the office. Boss has just announced free lunch: a box of tacos. My workmates start to gather around the large box placed on the floor for some reason. They begin eating the tacos on the floor at such rapid pace that I feel a bit intimidated to join. I am still in front of my computer, see, and one of my workmates, Mhanie, asks if I'm still going to eat, to which I request if she can save me a piece of taco.

The moment I look back at them, all eating on the floor, I see they are now surrounding a box of nothing but air. No more tacos for me. I remember feeling a bit offended that at least one piece wasn't saved for me, yet I still manage to smile at my workmates and tell them that I am still feeling a bit full.

As expected to happen in dreams, the scene suddenly shifts, without warning, outside in a dark narrow road. That particular area doesn't provide any good source of light, but I can see in the distance a well-lit part that consists of shops and cars. I remember Mhanie walking beside me, and after a few steps down the road she disappears without warning.

I am now alone in the middle of that dark road which after my friend's disappearance suddenly resembles an alleyway. A few steps in front me stands a taong grasa (at least, that's what I think he is). At that point I do not get a good look at him nor do I even pay him any attention. I just walk by as if he's just a light post. Dreams can be so weird to a point that such have the power to force you to control what you think as one happens. That guy, who is still a blur to me, can be anyone. He must have been a man going home from work, but at that moment in my mind, he is a taong grasa.

A KFC branch greets me as I take a few steps forward. I enter and fall in line in front of the cashier. When my turn comes I order a 1-piece chicken meal with regular iced tea. I pay the woman behind the cashier and wait for her to give me my order. The food is already in her hands, yet she suddenly turns busy chatting with her co-worker to my right. For some reason I lose it, my temper.

I'm having trouble remembering what I'm saying at this part. All I know is that I start cursing at the lady for not giving me my order right away. I remember looking around to find every customer in the establishment staring at me. I can even remember the janitor standing near the entrance. I turn back to the lady behind the cashier and grab my order. That is when I head back outside into the dark.

With my takeout safe in my hands, I continue walking along the road until the lights ahead draw nearer. All of a sudden, the taong grasa appear on my right. Just like that. He just pops from nowhere, his hand shoots forward. He runs toward me. Toward my KFC takeout. That is when I finally see his face, grease-covered and drooling.

I woke up kicking my legs. I never knew what happened to my KFC takeout. Was it taken by the man? Did I manage to save it? I'll never know.

Mababaw ba? Ewan ko ba. For some reason I woke up with my heart pounding like drums and my head aching terribly. It wasn't necessarily a bad dream, but the scenario was one of those that one probably dreams about kapag gutom or pagod.

The weird thing about this dream is that I can still remember it two weeks after I had it. Normally I would've forgotten about some details, but in this case, the entire thing's still crystal clear to me. Pati order ko natatandaan ko. Weird, no? So, is anyone out there skilled in dream interpretation who can tell what my dream means? Not that I believe dreams have something to do with our future, though...

It reminds me of this Korean comic one of my friends showed me a few months ago. Take note that if you have heart problems or if you are pregnant, do not read it!


Bino said...

na curious ako kung ano nangyari dun sa take-out. and i felt bad dun sa di ka natiran ng tacos

glentot said...

Ang ayoko minsan sa dreams eh meron silang lasting effect, lalo na kapag nakakatakot, na kahit gising ka na eh hindi mo mashake off yung feeling. At binasa ko yung comic strip shet! I'll share it with my magugulatin friends LOL

Nikka said...

I'm a dream expert! :) chos!!..but I think you'll be rewarded with lots of KFC's in real life..hehe *fingers crossed

Francois said...

Gutom lang yan. lol

Will said...

@Bino: Na-curious din ako e. hehe

@Glentot: Go and spread the love. :D

@Nikka: Sana ngaaaaa!!!

@Francois: Tingin ko rin.

Leo said...

Wow. Interesting dream. I don't know anything about dream interpretation, but people will tell me that whatever happens in dream is the complete opposite of reality. Like if you dreamt of money, you'll find your wallet empty, or something.


Will said...

@Leo: Really? baka nga di ako makakain ng KFc for a very long time. hehe

T.R.Aurelius said...

dont worry it's just a dream, but i feel bad na hindi ka natiran ng taco...T,T

J.A. Guevarra said...

Hindi ko alam kung matatakot ba ako o matatawa sa last part. Nakakatakot yung taong grasa na biglang sumulpot at nakakatawa na gusto niyang kunin ang KFC mo. hahahaha. :D

Yung scene na 'yun na naglalakad ka sa madilim, parang yang nasa Korean comic + The Road. XD

wunderfulwizard said...

Was it in black & white, or in full color?

Will said...

@TR: Yeah, good thing it was only a dream.

@JA: Yep, that taong grasa scared the sh*t out of me.

@wunderful: It was in color. I can still remember the bright red inside the KFC brand. :)

wunderfulwizard said...

I got interested enough to check out that manga.

I haven't been that scared or shocked for a long time. haha. Cool.

Moore said...

Nice blog.

Keep the posts coming!

Diamond R said...

may mga dream ako tulad niyan ang nakakadisapoint yong tipong kakainin ko na yong food bigla akong nagigising.

Pero ang linaw nag panaginip mo.

saylala said...

Happy hearts day Will! I'll check out that manga later tonight don't wanna start the day skerred, mukhang skerreh talaga eh pati si Jerro inaffirm ang skerreh factor.

Will said...

@wunderfulwizard: Sorry for scaring ya. :)

@Moore: Thanks.

@DiamondR: Oo nga, meron din akong ganung dream minsan.

@saylala: Happy hearts day! Yeah, you better read it.

bagotilyo said...

ang weird nga kasi naalala mo ung dreams mo. at take note 2 weeks after ..

maybe it means something :/

pointlessparanoia said...

I heard this from Wunderful Wizard. I have to check this out once I got home since I don't want to be "skerred" (as how Saylala put it) now. Hahaha!

Robbie said...

I hate that Korean comic. So much. =(

Sey said...

Siguro dahil sa biglang pagsulpot ng taong grasa kaya ang lakas ng tibok ng puso mo pag-gising mo. My friend showed me that Korean Comic lat November and I shouted like a crazy gal, and take note, we're at the office then.

mayen said...

Hi will, finally naalala ko hanapin ang site. Lagi ko naalala whenever i read your tweets sa phone ko pero pag online na ako nawawala sa isip ko. daming wprk eh. hehe.. Mag-explain ba dito. You're so friendly kasi kaya kailangan mahanap ko kung san ka naglalagi. hehe..

Anyway, weird nga dream mo because you can still remember it after a week. Siguro remarkable sya kasi tungkol sa food and medyo bitin. hehe..Sorry I'm no dream expert. hehe..

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