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Saturday, December 22, 2012

BookRx, an application that recommends you book titles based on what you tweet

They say you can learn a thing or two about a person based on his or her tweets.

Students from the Knight Lab of Northwestern University has developed a web application that is able to recommend book titles based on a person's tweets. Simply type your Twitter username and BookRx does the rest by scanning your tweets for words and hashtags that can give clues as to which titles you might be willing to read. Make sure your account is not set to private.

The screenshot above shows my own results. It hits a target by recommending The Hobbit, which I am reading right now. The rest are some titles I haven't read like A Song of Fire and Ice series, one which I'm interested to try for quite some time.

The app recommends me more titles, but they're not all spot on. Still, it's a good place to start your book hunting quest. Give it a try and tell me in the comments section below what titles BookRx thinks you should read.

Try the app now by clicking here.


Rj Balboa said...


the list included Wallbangers and the Unwanted Wife :D

great find!

Will said...

Pareho tayong may Wallbangers and the Unwanted Wife. Baka pare-pareho lang ang binibigay? haha

Rj Balboa said...

we'll see... hahaha

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